The 'program year' is comprised of the months the general membership of the club gathers for business meetings, programs and /or field trips. The Bow Garden Club year runs from April to December.

Regular club meetings are held at the Old Town Hall, 91 Bow Center Road, Bow NH unless otherwise indicated on the yearly calendar. Evening meetings are held with refreshments at 6:00 PM and the business meeting starting at 6:30 PM. The meetings are held on monthly on the second Monday of the month unless otherwise noted. 

Guests are welcome at all meetings, except the end of year Annual Meeting. Our yearly dues are twenty dollars and are collected for the year at the Annual Meeting in December. 

All members are invited to attend District 2 meetings, Regional meetings, Annual meetings, Advisory Board meetings of the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. and the Regional and  National Conventions.

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Bow Garden Club

Please join us and learn about:

Flower Design
Organic Gardening
Growing Roses
Attracting Birds and Butterflies
Water Quality
Container Gardening
Vegetable Gardening
Janis Kuch
Membership Chair